St. Agatha Catholic Church is humbled by your generosity and support of the Archbishop’s Charities and Development Drive (ABCD.)



Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

2020 has certainly been a challenging year. Yet, despite all obstacles, the Church remains a beacon of hope- a light to the world. We live our faith within the confines of our parish churches; however, our duty to witness to our faith certainly does not stop at its front door. When our world is shaken by fear, anxiety or despair, the Church while not “of the world” must be “in the world” to witness God’s love. By faith and baptism, we are incorporated into the Body of Christ: We are the Church.

We are the Church bringing hope by serving others in their time of need. We are the Church finding new ways to uphold our most sacred traditions and always offering to others the most essential service of our prayers. We are the Church standing in solidarity with all our brothers and sisters in raising a unified voice for peace and for dignity of all human life from conception to natural dead. Together, we are the Church: a universal body of believers delivering to all peoples everywhere a faith filled message of hope and love.

All this is not possible without your support. Your generosity to the Archbishop’s Charities and Development Drive, the ABCD, helps the Church, in your name, to serve so many in our communities. The ABCD brings hope to the hopeless, strengthens the faith of the discouraged and provides charity to those most in need. Each year, I have asked those who are able to support the ABCD to please do so. I realize, of course, that this year because of the economic impact of the pandemic, some may not be able to contribute. Yet, just as no one is so rich that he cannot receive from another, there is no one so poor that he doesn’t have something to offer another. So, I ask you do join me in making a gift today and support the ABCD. Every gift – large or small – if given from the heart makes a difference.

We are the Church. Together, as Disciples in Faith and Missionaries of Hope, the Love of Christ urges on no matter what challenges may come our way. One in Faith, One in Hope and One in Charity, I ask you to open your hearts to those we serve through the ABCD and, please, make a gift today.

Today, I write to you to ask you to prayerfully consider how you can be the eyes, hands and feet of Jesus by acknowledging the vital role you play in our universal Church through the support of the ABCD. Your gift to the ABCD allows the Archdiocese of Miami to help those in need just as He calls us to. Please join me in mirroring the love of Christ by putting our faith into action and make a gift of hope today.

When our faith is tried by the inevitable disappointments and tragedies that this life brings, we must remember that the Lord is faithful to His promises. If the Lord takes us to it, He will bring us through it.
Thank you and God bless you!

With gratitude and hope,

Most Reverend Thomas G. Wenski 

Archbishop of Miami

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